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Basic Information about the Board

Cantonment Board is a body corporate created under a central statute called Cantonment Act 2006, working under the administrative control of the Ministry of Defence and entrusted with the municipal and developmental functions in respect of a cantonment.The Board is constituted under section 13(3) of the cantonment act through procedure prescribed therein.

Dehradun Cantonment Board has been constituted in accordance with section 13(3) being a class - I Cantonment.

The President - [Maj. General J.S. Yadav, SM(Sena Medal)]

The officer commanding the station is the ex-officio President of the Cantonment Board unless directed otherwise by the central government. The President holds the office for a period commensurate with his tenure as station commander. The President controls, directs and supervises the financial and executive administration of the Board. All the meetings of the Board are presided over by him and he is directly responsible for the fulfillment of the purpose of the Cantonment Act.

Maj. General J.S. Yadav ,SM(Sena Medal) is presently holding the position of President, Cantonment Board Dehradun.

 The Vice President, Cantonment Board Dehradun - Smt. Rajendra Kaur Sondhi

In every Board in which there is more than one elected member, a post of Vice-President exists who is elected by the elected members only from amongst themselves. The term of the Vice President is normally five years unless removed in accordance section 21(3). The Vice President presides over the meetings of the Board in absence of the president and when presiding exercises the authority of the President under section 22(1) or during the incapacity or temporary absence of the President.

Smt Rajendra Kaur Sondhi is the present Vice President,Cantonment Board Dehradun.

Elected Members of the Board  

Serial No.

   Name of Member

Ward Number



Shri Vinod Panwar




Shri Jitendra Kumar Taneja






 Shri Kamal Raj







 Shri Hitesh Gupta







 Smt Madhu Khattri








Smt Rajendra Kaur Sondhi

      (Vice President)







Smt Megha Bhatt







 Smt Meenu






Sh. Jai Ram Gupta

Office Superintendent

Cantonment Board Office

Garhi , Dehradun Cantt(UK)

Pin – 248003  






Sh. Jakir Hussain

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Cantonment Board Office

Garhi , Dehradun Cantt(UK)

Pin - 248003



Cantonment Board Office

Garhi, Dehradun Cantt (UK) - 248003

Phone  : 0135 – 2756814

Fax      : 0135 – 2750712

Email   :

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