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MAJ. GEN. J.S. Yadav, S.M
President Cantonment Board Dehradun

The Cantonment Board has been playing a vital role in over all development of the Cantonment. Over the years the condition of roads, streets and parks has improved and people have facilities of uninterrupted water supply and primary health. In last years Cantonment Board has made special efforts to improve the condition of primary schools so as to provide quality education. Though enough has been done but it there is long way to go. As far as improving civic amenities is concerned the residents of the Cantonment are welcome to give suggestions for betterment of the cantonment and should also see to it that garbage is disposed off at earmarked places only. It will be appropriate if we ensure that the places where we work, where we reside, the neighbouring area is always clean. The Cantonment Board staff is always there to assist but no government organisation can succeed without active participation of the public. The Cantonment Board Dehradun is launching this website with a view to enlist the support and cooperation of common people of the Cantonment and also to provide the information through easier mode. Launching of the Cantonment Board Dehradun Website shall make the administration more clear and transparent and public can place their suggestions, grievances downloading forms. The suggestions of the public shall be inputs for making the Dehradun Cantonment Board the best Cantonment. It would not be out of place to mention here that the hard work and dedication put in by Chief Executive Officer Cantonment Board Dehradun and his staff has transformed the cantonment and is appreciated a lot, and this website will set up a strong bond between public and the Cantonment administration.


Sh. Jai Ram Gupta

Office Superintendent

Cantonment Board Office

Garhi , Dehradun Cantt(UK)

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Sh. Jakir Hussain

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Cantonment Board Office

Garhi , Dehradun Cantt(UK)

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Cantonment Board Office

Garhi, Dehradun Cantt (UK) - 248003

Phone  : 0135 – 2756814

Fax      : 0135 – 2750712

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